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This Time it's Healthy

Your Favourite Recipes Just a Little Bit Healthier

-   ABOUT US  -


Anthony and Dina’s friendship happens the typical way most strangers meet in 2018 London. On an app. A flat-sharing app in this instance. Super awkward flat viewing involving a stranger’s cat, and an extra person viewing the flat, Anthony won the flatmate lottery. A beautiful flatshare in Brixton with an American sounding but very British whisky drinking friend who knows all the cool places in town as she’s almost an official Londoner. 


Their friendship evolved into cooking, travel, nerding over Star Wars along with the MCU, and more whisky of course. From France to Budapest to Tunisia (why, but why not?) and Scotland. 


Unfortunately, the London chapter came to a (hopefully temporary) end for Anthony who moved to New York, while Dina now lives alone in a cute garden flat, still in South London. They maintained their friendship through memes, whisky, and video calls where Dina is usually cooking dinner or otherwise running amuck in a one-bed flat, while Anthony is drinking whisky or coffee (who knows with him). 


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthony came up with the idea of making something that would make people happy - a cookbook with recipes from all our friends scattered around the world. Dina was super down to get mega involved, especially since she’s a published author yet tells everyone not to read her book (weirdo). The International Quarantine Cookbook was published in May of 2020 and it cemented the future of recipe testing, writing, and sharing for this dynamic duo. 


After realizing that Dina could not eat tons of carbs, sugar, and butter all day (thank you COVID for the newly found baking habit) and stay healthy and in her preferred body size, she started sharing, brainstorming, and working on recipes with Anthony. 


And that’s how we landed on this site - This time it’s healthy. 

To find out more about us, or to just hear us talk about our own adventures, click below on "Crumbs for Thought." It's a personal blog for our articles about food recipes, adventures, and some food trips we have taken.


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Dina Patel

Dina is a third culture human. Born in the Midlands, she moved to the US at the tender age of two and lived in 6 different states over the course of 19 years. This British Indian American sounding woman eventually returned to the U.K. and finished her education in 2009 before joining the workforce in London in 2012, having worked in the financial services and consulting services, she currently works at a tech company doing who knows what but it sounds very important. 


One of her main passions outside of cooking is traveling, having visited over 35 countries, she’s picked up a thing or two about food and flavour. The COVID-19 pandemic forced her to stay at home like a responsible human and re-sparked her other two hobbies - writing and cooking, which is how this project started.

Anthony Alvidrez

Anthony was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico; and after graduating from college to become an architect he pursued another dream of traveling the world. Up until now, he has been to over 25 countries and plans on adding more to the list as the years go by and as long as he can catch the next departing plane. While out traveling he fell in love with cuisines from all across different countries and cultures. He brought this home to his own kitchen, back in New York, taking influence from friends and family from all across the world. 

During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, he curated and published The International Quarantine Cookbook, with a lot of help from his editor Dina Patel. A project which brought food from all over the world, many from friends he met traveling, and into one place. With the idea that even if we are far apart we can remain close by eating the same food. Today this website is a continuation of that first publishing and dream of sharing recipes and cooking ideas with anyone from anywhere. 

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