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This Time it's Healthy

Your Favourite Recipes Just a Little Bit Healthier

- This Time It's Healthy Blog -

As we continue down our culinary journey from our humble beginnings of publishing The International Quarantine Cookbook, we wanted to keep expanding, creating, and sharing with you. This time with a twist, due to the quarantine and the ongoing pandemic, we will admit we have not eaten the healthiest. So, it's time to change all that. 


Recently, we have been exploring and going through the first book, and seeing how we can modify some recipes to be more on the healthy side! If you have purchased our first book, you will recognize some of the recipes, but also some new ones we have been creating. 


Through this website, we want to keep our vision growing, and always to keep sharing all of our ideas with you. Always believing that cooking brings us all together, even if we can't sit at the same table we can always eat the same food.

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